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Typical day of some Internet start-up 'hardcore' programmers

7:00 A.M. Wake Up. Oops, slept in your clothes again. Oh well. Go back to bed.
11:01 A.M. Wake up. Turn on computer. Eat some potato chips.
11:10 A.M. Wait 10 minutes while computer boots up, crashes, then reboot it.
11:11 A.M. Check for e-mail. Find out you have 100 new messages.
11:12 A.M. Delete 99 Spam messages (either how to be a billionaire with absolutely no work, get inexpensive golf balls or something like that).
11:13 A.M. Reply to your friends e-mail while watching t.v. Check for e-mail.
11:15 A.M. Start Coding/Programming. Check for e-mail. You might have got a reply. Computer crashes. Reboot it.
1:30 P.M. Get dressed & shave. Then check for e-mail.
1:50 P.M. Start coding, reboot computer because it just crashed again, even though it's only been on for 2 hours (take a wild guess what operating system it is. Hmm. That's tough). Then, check for e-mail.
3:30 P.M. Go get dressed, because you realized you forgot to get dressed when you shaved. And check for e-mail.
4:00 P.M. Program while watching t.v. and/or listening to music, and/or surfing the internet, and/or eating a few crackers. (*)
5:00 P.M. Realize you haven't eaten breakfast, so go eat breakfast, and try to convince your parents that it is indeed breakfast because you haven't eaten yet, even though it is supper time
5:05 P.M. After you are finished your potato chips, (mm, good breakfast), go back and start coding.
5:07 P.M. Realize you need a break because you've been working so hard. Play video games. Actually, go to your local video store to get video games. (Which reminds you -- geez, you really do have to get dressed this time, because you are going out. So you put on your shoes). Brush your hair with your hands.
5:08 P.M. Look in mirror, make a note to yourself that you still have to shave. Just forgot to do that earlier on.
10:00 P.M. Have lunch.
11:00 P.M. Start coding, and eat dinner.
3:00 A.M. Think about going to bed.
4:00 A.M. Still surfing the internet. Consider going to bed again.
4:30 A.M. Hmm. Yeah. Probably a good idea to go to bed.
7:00 A.M. Darn it - slept in your clothes again. Oh well, go back to sleep.


Optional Activities:

Depending on the level of programmer, and age (i.e., between 14-19 years old), you can add these optional activities/features:

- ICQ Messaging every 2 minutes (14-19 years old)
- Voicechat (either just entering highschool, or very skilled older programmer)
- Hotmail account (# Hotmail/Yahoo accounts = 1000/age)
- Listening to MP3s (# MP3s = 1,000,000/age*age)
- Surfing the internet