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DEMO VERSION OF 3D Configurator (Computer Furniture)

Please note: It may take 30 seconds to load on a 56K modem.

Quick Start Instructions: (Then scroll down to see the java software in action!)
  • Double-click on "Larger Office Configuration" in the top-left corner box.
  • Click on the image that will appear in a few seconds.
  • Push down your mouse button, and drag the mouse to the left or right.
  • Click on the image again, and press the letter 'x' on your keyboard. Press SHIFT-X to stop, then press again to go the other way.
  • You may also experiment by pressing 'y' and 'Y' for the y-direction, 'z' and 'Z" for zoom, and 'i','j','k','m' for moving in different directions.
  • Double click the mouse to change between solid fill and line drawings.
  • To erase the current configuration, do this. a) click on the 'change zoom' parameter. Double click the image until it is in full 3D (no lines). b) Click on the 'move' radio button. Then click on the image until you see that it is selected. c) Press the 'delete' key.
  • Click here for more instructions.
Copyright 1995-2002 Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises. All rights reserved. Any attempt to copy the Wyka-Warzecha Configurator program will be prosecuted.