Superb quality java menus at an affordable price. These Java Menu Applets are great! The vertical navigation java menu is here (java menu vertical). For a jave menu that is a menu that goes across, check out this navigation menu (java menu horizontal). If you want a graphical navigation system, check out this java menu by clicking here. For all other software, please click here (for java applets) and you will be taken to the graphical version of our website. We also have a special on java menus, be sure to ask us! E-mail us with this ID#058A for the navigation menu/java applet special, and we will send you a special ordering link!

The three Java Menus are "ABCMenuMan", "NavABC", and "ABCNavUltimate". You should also check out our AScratchNWin! Java Scratch and win game, as well as our NewsManPRO! (quite cool!)