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Thanks, (Everyone in the company loves the menu!) , Carl B, Webmaster

Thanks for your FAST RESPONSE to my questions this last weekend, for the Wyka-Warzecha ABCMenuMan! Java applet menus, which I purchased last Friday.

With your help, I was able to complete the deployment by Monday

I shall be more than glad to recommend Wyka-Warzecha Web site development menus to other web developers. Have a nice day.


Phil D., Webmaster

Recently I heard about wyka-warzecha web site. I downloaded a few of the apps and like them very much. As a result, I decided to purchase them for my company web site. Over the last week or so, I have ordered a number of the apps for three sites I maintain. From the very first order I placed, I have received exceptional customer service from Johnathan in your sales department. He responded quickly to my order after the credit card was processed, and answered my questions quickly and courteously. I would be very happy to recommend your company to my colleagues not just because your apps are good but because of Johnathan and the customer service I received and continue to receive from Johnathan. I am hoping to purchase more apps as they are created and look forward to what your company does in the future. - Eileen P., Business Owner, USA

Thank you for your expeditious answer first of all, very greatly appreciated!
Having searched, I can find no other applet at this cost and anywhere near as
expert functioning. I will purchase for myself and if anyone would want the
applet on a web suite I will make sure to use the link to your site for them to

Again, thank you!
Martha, USA

Thanks so much for replying so quickly. And I appreciate your receptiveness to my comments. I realize e-mail can be a quick and convenient way to do business, but sometimes the sincerity and honesty of human contact can be overlooked. I will keep an eye out for any new things your company develops, and again, I really appreciate everything you said. - Sheri R. Customer, USA

I'll be getting the banner program for sure too, its a good one to promote my products on other pages... much slicker than animated gifs...don't know how ya do it but it's close to a shockwave-type animation without the learning curve..nice work. -- Ken, Business Owner, Hawaii

Top notch applet! I have never decided to buy a full version of a website application but I like this so much it will be the first. - Seumas M., Nebraska USA

One more thing..Cool Applet. Easy for use - Ruben, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Just a quick note to let you know the menu applet is up and running on our site. It works great! Easy to use and set - up. -- Rich W, Erie, PA, USA

(AScratchNWin) This will work out very nicely. Thanks for all the help. Bob, USA

Thanks for the prompt response. I am going to go ahead with the design on both these sites. Next week, when I put them online, I'll let you know if I have any trouble. Thanks a bunch. I'll probably get more. - Gregory G, Website Designer, USA

Your a genius. Thank you for your help! It works 100% perfectly.
Jeff B., Website Designer

Everything works GREAT!!! Thanks again. =), - Craig N, Web Design Site, USA


I expect to be ordering another one fairly soon. My clients love the effect!

Pat G., Web Designer, USA

The script looks great! I will recommend using the script to our future customers...Thanks again for all your help

Robert R, Business Owner, USA

ABC Menu Man is a clssy looking applet... Very Clever. -- Martin B, United Kingdom

THANKS! I look forward to using more of your products. My best,
Robert M, Consulting Services, USA

Everything is working perfectly now. Your prompt assistance is very greatly appreciated. The very best of luck with all of your projects.

Ronald W., Webmaster, Spokane, Washington USA

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