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Founded in 1980, Wyka-Warzecha has been a leading provider of excellent computer consulting services, evolving with the industry, and recently been a leading provider of software development solutions. In 1995, at the dawn of the wide-spread use of the Internet, Wyka-Warzecha entered the website development business. Currently, Wyka-Warzecha has two main divisions, custom software development for corporations, and website development. Our software is used internationally, and our websites have been developed nationally (see a few of our website customers). As well, we have developed corporate intranets, statistical analysis software, artificially intelligent agents and e-commerce for our website clients.

Global Perspective

Wyka-Warzecha currently offers products in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French in addition to English. Please visit our website soon for the Multi-lingual versions.


Wyka-Warzecha is privately held.


A number of market leaders have licensed Wyka-Warzecha software to enhance customer and workplace productivity. A listing of customers will be provided soon.

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