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Standard FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) should be consulted entirely, because it covers some common installation mistakes and how to fix them. IF YOUR QUESTION IS ANSWERED IN THESE FAQ's IT WILL NOT BE ANSWERED BY OUR SUPPORT STAFF.

NOTE: When testing LOCALLY -- TEST IN INTERNET EXPLORER. NETSCAPE will not always allow local testing because of security restrictions. However, as soon as the software is uploaded to a website, it will work in both.

Common Mistakes and how to fix them:

  • Make sure you have uploaded ALL .class files, image files (gif/jpg) and sound files (.au, .wav) associated with the software
  • Make sure you upload it in BINARY mode (as opposed to 'text' or 'ASCII' mode)
  • Make sure your (website) license key is correct. (If you were issued a key that started with a minus sign (-), that is part of the licensekey. (I.e., licensekey="-123-123-123". This key is applicable when running on a website.))
  • Make sure you entered all parameters correctly. (I.e., make sure you are not missing quotes ("), and that you have the opening and closing applet tags (<applet></applet>)
  • Do NOT delete any parameter tags! All parameter tags are essential to the software, and if you remove any of them the software may not work.
  • If you made changes and they don't appear to have been changed -- exit your browser and restart -- because (especially) Netscape and Internet Explorer will not always reflect any immediate changes because it is in its 'cache', including when you install it on a website.

Other Steps to follow:

The SAMPLE that is provided in the full version works. If you have not been able to yet resolve your problem -- do this:

  • Make a backup copy of the full working version SAMPLE (i.e., copy it as 'sample_test.htm'
  • Methodically change ONLY ONE parameter at a time, and then load it in INTERNET EXPLORER. (You can also test in Netscape if running your test version off your website).
  • If your change works -- great! Repeat the last step until you are satisfied with your results. If it does not work, then first check the change you made until you get it to work.


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