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AMiniSpeak!, Streaming Audio / Music, by Wyka-Warzecha!

Wyka-Warzecha AMiniSpeak is an exciting new product that allows you to easily speech enable your website, with NO PLUGIN HASSLES! This means that 99% of your vistors can always hear you, quickly! Plus, you can interactively activate your speech/audio! Such as when someone does a 'mouseover', or clicks on an item!

Use phrases supplied with the software, or record your own voice and music with standard recording tools, and then stream it! (The full version supports Microsoft .WAV files (GSM 6.1/8-Bit Mono), compression is approximately 1 second=1.5K). You will also have access to a special free update page where you can download new sound fx and phrases! And it is only $29.95!

Click here to order a full version! You may also check out a LIVE JAVA STREAMING AUDIO SAMPLE DEMO page by clicking here.

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