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java menu pack order Java Menu Expansion Pack!

Add cool new java menu special effects to ABCMenuMan or NavABC! The Java Menu Expansion Pack contains 10 cool new animated menus, from flying birds, to animated page curling, plus 5 new mouseover sounds! Preview the sample menus below, or order now! Only $12.95!

Click here to order the full version java menu expansion pack now!

10 Bonus New Special FX Menus!

Honeycomb - Special Countdown Effect
Red Wave - Special Reverse Countdown Effect
Blue Sapphire - Special Fade Effect
Blue Amoeba - Special Amoeba Effect
Blue Horizontal Page Slice - Special Page Curl Effect
Big Bird - Cool Multi-Frame Big Bird Effect
Green Vertical Page Slice - Special Page Curl Effect
Flying Bird - Birds Fly Across Special Effect
American Flag - Special Waving Flag Effect
Crimson - Special Crimson Control Effect

5 Bonus Sounds!

Cricket Cash Register Dog Barking
Machinery Water Splash

You may also send an e-mail to with your name/phone number, and we will take your order over the phone. You can also download the ABCMenuMan or NavABC evaluation version, and then when you see how great it looks on your website, come back and order the full version for extra features and speed! =)

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