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1-2-3 JavaScript Library! Script Listing

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Browser Information Scripts
  • Browser Code Name
  • Browser Color Depth
  • Browser Java Enabled
  • Browser Name Script
  • Browser Platform
  • Browser Plugin Information (Netscape)
  • Browser Screen Resolution
  • Browser Times Visited Information
  • Browser Version Script
  • Auto CheckMark
  • Auto UnCheckMark
  • Clear Form on Focus
  • Form Validation
  • Info Box Script
  • Login Form
  • Multiple Password/Username Form Script
Frame Scripts
  • Ensure Frames Present
  • Frame Breaker Script
Miscellaneous/Cool Scripts
  • Anti-Email Spam
  • Banner Rotation Script
  • Cool constant table color changer
  • Last Modified Document Date
  • Internet Explorer Set Bookmark Icon
  • Shake the Screen! (Newer Browsers)
Mouseover Event Scripts
  • Color Mouseover Changes
  • Goto URL Mouseover
  • Image Mouseover Changes
  • Status Bar Mouseover/Mouseout Event
Navigation Scripts
  • Drop-down Box Navigation
  • Go to Previous Document
  • Simple Menu
Popup Scripts
  • Centered Popup
  • Full Screen Popup Script
  • Popup Verification Script
  • Standard Popup Script
Right Click Scripts
  • Close Window on Right Click
  • Image Protect from Right Clicks
  • No Right Click Script
Timing Event Scripts
  • Automatic Closing Timer
  • Countdown until Date
  • Display Item until Expiry Date
  • Message Displayed depending on Date
  • Timed Link
  • Message Rotation Script
  • TextBox Scrolling Script
  • Sliding Text Status Bar Script
  • Status Bar Banner Moving Arrow Text
  • Typewriter Status Bar Effect
  • Confirmation Box Script
  • Cookies (Usage Set/Get/Delete) Script
  • Help Prevent Javascript Errors Script
  • Javascript Clock

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