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NavABC!, Cool java menu by Wyka-Warzecha
(Be sure to also check out our vertical menu applet, ABCMenuMan! off the products page

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NavABC! is a cool java menu applet that new java applet menu that allows you really, easily add amazing fast loading menu effects to your website, and makes web design easy! (Be sure to check out our vertical menu applet, ABCMenuMan!) When you have more than a few animated GIF menu items, this loads much FASTER than animated GIFs! The full version of this does not pause for 3 seconds, nor does it list our website in the status bar or while loading. Plus, you can have automatic special loading effects, you specify a background loading color, highlight color, add sound fx, use frames, specify font type, create your own animations with different sizes, plus a small construction kit is included! And, it is only $19.95! U.S.!

Click here to order a full version! Or, click here to create your own version on-line!

You can also download this evaluation version for use on your website! Click here. It is saved as a .zip file, so simply unzip it, accept the license agreement, and load the index.htm file into your browser!

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