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Jobs at Wyka-Warzecha

    Cutting edge computer software development at Wyka-Warzecha -- a different kind of company. An exciting company, including international offices in London, California and Hong Kong. In addition our corporation, we have many determined individuals that work from the comfort of their own home, and create results.

    "We're into excitement. Making things happen," says one Wyka-Warzecha individual. "We get things done." Great input comes from anywhere in the organization -- sales representatives -- technological engineers -- and the best ideas always win. 

    Wyka-Warzecha has attracted the best of the best to our team. Our products, clients and success have been profiled in various publications and television coverage. Clients include Microsoft, Oracle and many other corporations.

    A cool place to work. 

    We work hard, and we play hard too.

    If you're interested in joining us, send your resume to  


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